Case Study
Wisconsin Education Association Council
Great Schools


Visuality has played a key role in the pioneering effort by the Wisconsin Education Association Council to shift public opinion of education in Wisconsin.

Recognizing the need to change the state's antagonistic mindset toward public schools and prepare for a statewide battle over privatization, the Wisconsin Education Association Council engaged Visuality to help develop and implement a comprehensive communications / public relations strategy designed to improve public opinion of Wisconsin public schools. Visuality worked with WEAC to develop the Great Schools plan and strategy, as well as to produce all of the media for the effort.

The results have been dramatic, including major shifts in public opinion. Even more importantly, though, that progress has translated into real results. With Great Schools as the benchmark for the education debate in the state, Wisconsin has elected a progressive State Superintendent of Public Instruction and an aggressive pro-education Governor, who has dramatically increased the amount of state money spent on education.