Engage on-line

From full-blown association websites to issue-specific microsites, web ads or other online media or interactive e-learning platforms, Visuality has the experience to produce the winning solution.

You name it: We've designed, developed, placed, hosted, and measured it. We have great creatives backed by an incredible depth and breadth of solid, stable code, all tied to industry-standard systems for measuring usage and effectiveness.

Visuality is a national leader in web-based advocacy. From viral videos, animations, and interactive games to harnessing the power of social networking, cutting-edge SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and narrowly-targeted online advertising: Visuality can formulate strategy, develop award-winning creatives, and produce and deploy any form of web-based media to maximize your online, viral, or big seed campaign.

Think of Big Seed strategies as viral 2.0. Big Seed relies on a steady stream of messages sent to a core group of known stakeholders who are receptive to creative media and are willing to spread your online message around. It is a highly effective, cost-efficient means of delivering a message and motivating action.

Like other viral media, a big seed campaign starts with the creation of memorable animations, videos, games, or other compelling media that use humor, irony, nostalgia, fear, or other emotional triggers to engage an audience. These media live on a specific web site that extends the creative thread and provides depth of issue coverage. The distribution of clever, engaging e-mails drives visits to the site to interact with the media and respond to calls to action, planting a seed that can be virally passed on to engage other members, colleagues, and the public.

When it comes time to take your campaign on-line, whether for strategic or budget reasons, Visuality's viral communications and big seed strategies will give you your best chance for success. Get inspired! Check out our viral work examples.