A Powerful Way to Reach Your Members Online

On the Web and on Social Media

Are you ready to boost your member communications and legislative advocacy program like never before?

Effective, efficient, and engaging member communications is the Holy Grail of the advocacy world.

Traditionally, education organizations have relied on a handful of techniques to communicate with members during election times and legislative session. They send direct mail and wonder if it's ever opened. They reach out via email but are disappointed by the open rates. They robocall them but have no idea if anyone listens. They post information on Facebook and Twitter, even though their fans and followers only represent a fraction of their membership.

Now, we can be even more effective and efficient than ever before in getting your message out to your members.

Using an innovative approach to Web advertising, Visuality can work with you to build Web advertising campaigns — Web video ads, display ads, social media ads, and more — targeted specifically and exclusively to your members! That's right: we can take the power of Web advertising — its immediacy, its efficiency, its track-ability, and its tremendous cost-effectiveness — and construct campaigns that can reach huge portions of your membership (50%, 60%, even up to 80%) and nobody else.

Can you imagine the potential to your legislative advocacy program of having this new, direct line to members online?

Want to run a legislative session kick-off commercial that you know will excite members but will only cost a fraction of what it might cost on TV? Visuality can help.

Want to develop a video that will educate your members about an issue or your agenda and ensure that more than 1% of your members ever see it? Visuality can help.

Want to target last-minute action alerts to your members which will reach them in all the places they go online for news, entertainment and socializing? Visuality can help.

Talk to us TODAY — before session is on top of you — and let us help you educate, engage, and activate your members and win where it matter most: in the halls of the Capitol.