Case Study
Education Minnesota
Schools First

In Minnesota, education had lost its place at the top of policymakers' priority list. Anticipating difficult budget battles in future years and wanting to establish education as the top funding priority in Minnesota, Education Minnesota partnered with Visuality to develop and implement Schools First, a five-year strategy to improve education funding and fight back attacks on Minnesota's public schools.

During the five-year run of Schools First, Education Minnesota engaged in a full-scale campaign launch, including aggressive earned media effort, a major media launch (including statewide TV, online, and outdoor advertising), and internal communications to leadership and membership. Watch our case study video to get an idea of all the components that led to success for Education Minnesota.

Members and the community at large now view Education Minnesota as the place to turn for information on education issues. It has also gained considerable influence in political circles.

Visuality is excited to embark on another 5-year campaign to move the association to the next level.